The Red Devil Returns

OK so after a short spell offline, The Red Devil is back! There’s not a huge amount to show for our absence, other than a cool new logo and a faster web server, both of which should do wonders for your browsing pleasure. Yes we did have some major issues with our old web host which took a while to fix, but glad to say the site is now back in business in its new home and is here to stay!

Getting hold of the old content we lost has proved to be a major hurdle unfortunately. So if you’re here to read an old post, I’m sorry to disappoint. We are doing our best to get them back but you know what bad web hosts are like… and if you don’t then think yourself lucky.

Anyway moving forwards there are some new bloggers on board so you will be getting the benefit of different perspectives on what’s going on at Old Trafford. We’ll be giving the usual opinions about United in what is a very difficult time for the club. We’ll also pitch in with some match predictions, reviews and any other good stuff we can find the time to write. It should be good, so please do come back and check us out whenever you have time.

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