Man Utd v Wolfsburg (CL Group B 2015-16)

Old Trafford

Wed, Sep 30th 2015
Kick Off: 19:45

Well, we announced our return to Champions League football with a bit of a bang away to PSV a couple of weeks ago when Memphis Depay put us 1-0 ahead just before half-time only for PSV to knock in a quick-fire double to add insult to the injury we’d already witnessed against our lad Shaw.

But tonight we get the chance to go again and this time we’re at Old Trafford so hopefully the fans will be bouncing after being starved of these proper Champions League matches at Old Trafford for what now seems like an age.

The problem I’m having with United at the moment is that we’re actually doing quite well!

That, of course, is great but I still can’t quite decide if we’re awesome or everyone else in the Premier League is doing what they did in the 2012/13 Season and shooting themselves in the foot at every opportunity.

I refer, of course, to the fact that we are somehow top of the Premier League – a position I don’t think we’ve even held since we won the title in 2013.

There is, however, an exciting feel to our current line up and the two new youngsters Martial and Memphis (M&M) are doing wonders for my disillusionment at LvG’s seeming betrayal of United’s philosophy of giving exciting young players their chance, preferring instead to buy expensive but ready-made Galacticos last season.

I wish they’d come from somewhere even close to Manchester but hey-ho… you can’t have it all.

What all this means is that making any kind of prediction about tonight is very difficult (I’ve got it wrong pretty much every time I’ve tried this season).

I think two seasons of watching United struggle has really started to affect my judgement to the point where I’m actually pleasantly surprised when we’re not beaten by an underdog these days.

But maybe, just maybe, this isn’t a false dawn and really is the start of LvG finally getting to grips with things at United.

As for Wolfsburg… well, they have a few injury problems at the moment but seem to be doing fairly well in the Bundesliga (they’re currently fourth). They almost gave Bayern Munich a scare a last week when they took a 1-0 lead at the Allianz Arena only for the on-fire Lewandowski to come on for the second half and score five goals in ten ridiculous minutes.

I do feel that we need to win here tonight though as winning the home games has always been key to our success in these Group Stages. Fortunately, we’ve been pretty good at it down the years and have only lost four of our last 65 Champions League matches at Old Trafford with the last being against Real Madrid in Fergie’s final season.

So tonight, I’m looking for a proper Champions League night at Old Trafford. It’s getting nicely dark at around 7:30pm at the moment so the floodlights should be on full beam.

Hopefully they’ll be shining on a Manchester United victory.

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The Red Devil's Match Prediction

The bet is 4 points United to win @ 1.75 with Coral.

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2 Responses to Man Utd v Wolfsburg (CL Group B 2015-16)

  1. Aaron says:

    Hi, Sorry we lose again. I understand your frustration for not writing the blog anymore but I kind of miss coming over here to read what you have to say, to make some sense, to calm my nerve. You know, it’s kind of like a therapy haha

    Anyway, take care buddy.

    • The Red Devil says:

      Hi Aaron and thanks.

      I tried to get back into it but I haven’t felt so unattached to Man Utd in my whole life. Watching them is actually painful this season as LvG appears to have forgotten that entertainment not mind-numbing tedium is a large part of what football is all about.

      It’s not the defeats that bother me – losing is part and parcel of any sport – it’s the actual performances.

      Looking forward to our next match used to be exciting and actually watching us play was a highlight of the week for me. At the moment, whether we win, lose or draw, I just feel a kind of apathy because the performances are usually so uninspiring.

      Hopefully, LvG will leave in the Summer and someone will come along who really gets what Manchester United are all about.

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